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  • Quality Products. Delivered.
  • Industry Leading Technology.
  • Door to Door Service.
  • Hands On Approach.
  • We've put the sourcing puzzle together so you don't have to.



Turning Ideas into Businesses

With a rapidly growing economy and millions of consumers to satisfy, it can often be a challenge to stay on top of the latest trends.

By utilizing the expertise of our product development teams and the vastness of our sourcing network you now have access to turn your ideas into businesses. Our clients leverage our supplier relationships and close ties with manufacturers who offer insider supplier knowledge to help you make best the buying decisions.

We turn your visions into concepts of apparel product development and dedication to provide creative products to support and grow your business through our proven experience.

Whether it is in apparel design, home furnishings or accessories, The Gulati Group puts the pieces together.


Manufacturing Control and efficiency is the cornerstone of our business.

Strong manufacturing control is just one of the elements that allow The Gulati Group to maintain apparel, t- shirt and denim manufacturing production quality and keep manufacturing costs low. The company has ownership in over 10 factories throughout the world, many of them with complete vertical operations.

The teams of professionals at The Gulati Group conduct strict quality assurance testing through factory evaluations, lab testing, on-site production monitoring and multiple inspections.

Apparel Supplier SERVICE


We've put together the pieces of the Sourcing puzzle.

Reliable, on-time supply of goods managed through effective logistics is one of the elements that set The Gulati Group apart from competitors. A strong ongoing relationship with major shipping lines and freight carriers ensures priority treatment is given to The Gulati Group, so that your orders reach you on time and in perfect condition.

The Gulati Group

an Apparel, Denim and T-shirt Manufacturer

The Gulati Group: A Leading Textile Manufacturing Company and Apparel Fabrics Supplier to the Global Retail and Clothing Market.

The Gulati Group, Inc is an apparel manufacturing company and textile supplier for major retailers and clothing brands worldwide. With offices in leading economies around the world, our company capitalizes on an extensive fabric supplier network to provide apparel sourcing solutions for a wide range of consumer apparel products.


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The professionals at The Gulati Group act as an extension of the customers' own businesses to manage all aspects of the global supply chain.